Americana Miguel Milá. 1964


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A sober tribute to the harmony of swing

The Americana series was designed by Miguel Milá in the mid-1960s to pay tribute to George Hansen’s 1950s lamp collection. The Hansen lamps are built around a rotating arm with a swivel in the middle, dividing the horizontal axis into two sections. As a result, the arm can rotate, be folded in or opened out from the centre.

Enthralled by the idea of enhancing Hansen’s remarkable geometry, Milá’s Americana series is also based on a swing arm, although here the arm is a single section with a right-angled bend. Accordingly, the head of the shaft becomes the swivel that enables the shade’s horizontal rotation, reducing the lever effect. The arm can be moved towards you or away from you without shifting the large metal base, evoking the swing motion.

The Americana series includes a table lamp, a floor lamp and a wall lamp; all featuring a white linen lampshade and satin nickel structure with a rotating arm. The Americana series has a timeless quality and functional design, making it the perfect companion for reading or intimate conversations.

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